Incomparable Engineering Class of 1969
The “Incomparable” Class of 1969 met on Picnic Day to celebrate 55 years as Aggie Engineers and posed next to a new pillar at the ESDC that symbolizes the pivotal support provided by their class. Read More

Preparing tomorrow’s leading engineers starts with state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments. Adaptable spaces and modern equipment are essential to collaborative research and transformative education. As our student enrollment and faculty ranks continue to grow, one of our highest priorities is to expand and revitalize our physical spaces—starting with the Engineering Student Design Center. Thank you for considering a gift to support our building and the people and programs within it.

Contact Leigh Ann Hartman (, Assistant Dean, Development and External Relations for more information about how you can impact this project.

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Funding Opportunities

Engineering Student Design Center (overall) Diane Bryant  
Student Startup and Innovation Space John and Melinda Baum  
Machining and Fabrication Lab Incomparable Engineering Class of 1969  
Student Collaborative Project Zone Michael and Joelle Hurlston  
Lobby Brian and Carol Underwood  
Electronics & Rapid Prototyping Lab Tyler and Joyce Schilling  
Outdoor Student Plaza John and Melinda Baum  
Instruction/Design Classroom (1) Richard and Joy Dorf  
Instruction/Design Classroom (2) Richard and Joy Dorf  
Conference Room John and Gina Wasson  
Welding Room Chevron  
Composites Wet Lab Available $250,000
Carpentry and Plastics Room Harrold and Margaret Rust  
Sanding and Shaping Room Chuang Family Foundation  
Math Pillar Chevron  
Creativity Pillar Laird and Shawna Parry  
Communication Pillar Bob L. Howe  
Chemistry Pillar Adams Vegetable Oil, Inc  
Biology Pillar Available $100,000
Physics Pillar Available $100,000
Break Room William and Cynthia Schaff  
Collaborative Huddle Room (1) Mike and Jody Coffey  
Collaborative Huddle Room (2) Brian and Louanne Horsfield  
Coffee Hub in the Start-up Incubator Earl and Suzette Rennison  
Student Work Area Jeff and Dianne Child  
Manager's Office Bruce and Garland Dughi  
Mudroom Pat and Wheng Stone  
Innovation Gateway Rob and Eileen Tobias  
Staff Office Suite Mike and Renee Child  
Tool Storage Room Susan Ellis and Mark Linton  


We are extremely grateful to the alumni and friends who have supported the ESDC and made this expansion possible. The College has raised $20.82M in private funding toward its $22M goal.

Ronald Joshua Academia '11
Ross Allen '69
Tom Angle '69
John '69 and Melinda Baum
Danielle Bohlen '11
Muriel Brandt '77
Bright Funds Foundation
Diane Bryant '85
Joseph Buckley '18
Lauren Campbell '18
Madeline Campbell '15
Alan '69 and Julia Casamajor
Chuang Family Foundation
Chevron Corporation
Dianne and Jeff Child '82
Michael C. '76 and Renée Z. Child '76
Michael '84 and Jody Coffey
Jeremy Conway '10, '11
Richard C. and Joy M. Dorf
Bruce Dughi '87, '92 and Family
Bradley '83 and Teresa Dyer '84
Susan Ellis and Mark Linton
Gary Ferlaak '69
Linda N. Finley '81 and Keith K. Sakasegawa
Mark '82 and Margaret '82 Garibaldi
Nancy Gossett '78 and Gary Stephenson
Leigh Ann Hartman and Nathaniel Williams
Victoria Hall '86
Jim '75 and Cynthia Hallenbeck
Larry Henderson '69
Patrick Henderson '89 and Mary McNamara
Sarah Hodge
Louanne '69 and Brian Horsfield '66, '68,  '71
Dan '69 and Gwenna Howard
Robert L. Howe '68
Junette Hsin '16
David Kappos '83 and Leslie Kimball
Sara Langberg '16
Bryan '69 and Marilyn Lawver
Amy Little '96
Jeffrey Lund '87 and Rashmi Garde
Shawn Malone
Alison and Jonathan Metzger-Jones
Herb Minatre '69
Sarah '09 and Kevin Parrish
Laird '69 and Shawna Parry
Tim Petersen '69
Clarke Radcliffe '69
Earl '88 and Suzette Rennison
Harrold Rust, III '83 and Margaret Rust '88
William '95 and Cynthia Schaff
Terry Shirrod '69
Daniel Sperling and Sandra Berg Sperling
Brett Stark '16
Ann Studer
Bill Taber '69 and Jeannette da Silva Curiel
Eileen and Rob Tobias '86
Brian Underwood '91 and Carol Blacutt-Underwood
Gary '69 and Sharon Vanderpol
John '84 and Gina Wasson
Darlene Yaplee '82 and Donald Jackson
Jeff '69 and Karen Young