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Machine Training Portal

The ESDC Machine Training Portal is where users take online training courses in order to gain access to ESDC facilities and machines. To access the machine training portal you must log in with your UC Davis account (you will be redirected to Microsoft SharePoint). Once logged in you can access:

  • Machine training documents
  • Training Videos
  • Training Schedules
  • Book in-person training courses

The ESDC is open to all students within the College of Engineering. This program is tailored to training students on machines of their choice outside of core curriculum and at their own pace. Sign up and become an ESDC shop user today!

NOTE: If you have taken EME 50 or BIM 107 within the last 2 years you do not need to take training courses for Hand tools, mill, and lathe, just come by and get a user card. If you feel you need a refresher course please ask a staff member. 

If you are currently enrolled in either EME 50 or BIM 107, do NOT sign up for Hand tools, mill, or lathe training. You will be cleared to use the machines, AFTER completing the respective course.



Training Portal Login:

Click the button below to be redirected to Microsoft SharePoint:

Diane Bryant ESDC Machine Training Portal

Screenshot of the Training Portal