New User Onboarding

The ESDC is open to all students within the college of engineering. We are rolling out a new program tailored to training students on machines of their choice outside of a class or major constraints. Sign up and become an ESDC shop user today! If you have completed EME 50 or BIM 107 please go to the Returning Users page. 


Training Signup:

1. Complete the New User Onboarding form. This form has three sections:

11.01.23.ESDC Safety Policy and Shop Rules.docx

  • NOTE: You must pass with a score of 90% or higher to become an ESDC user. The quiz allows for multiple attempts, so if you don’t get 27/30 on the first try, retake the quiz until you receive a passing score. We will check to verify that you received a passing score before the training begins. 

  • Section 3: Safety Record Agreement

2. Once New User Onboarding is complete, use the link below to FIRST register for a Hand Tools Orientation or Rapid Prototyping training. ​
Diane Bryant Engineering Student Design Center Training (
Trainings can be signed up for 1 week in advance. If none are available they are either full or have not opened up yet. 

         ​Note: The Hand Tools Orientation is a prerequisite for all machine trainings offered in the main shop of the ESDC (1545 Bainer)! Trainings offered in the Rapid Prototyping room (1502 Bainer) do not require prerequisite trainings and are open for new users to sign up.